Estimating the Optimal Model for Traffic Accidents in Jordan for the Period of (1995–2010)

  •  Adeeb Alrahamneh    
  •  Reda AlBtoush    


This study aims at exploring important details concerning traffic accidents in Jordan by studying the relatedfinancial costs (million JD) for the period (1995–2010). Twelve regression models have been treated. This studyspecifies the appropriate model which depends on the least of mean square error (MSE). We argue, based on ouranalysis, that compound function is the best way Business Process Management Concepts LlanguagesArchitecturesor studying the financial costs for traffic accidents in Jordan. All computations used in this paperperformed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and (Minitab 14). The main results, based onthe conducted analysis, are presented below:

1) The study proved that the compound function is an appropriate and suitable model to measure and analyzethe financial costs for the traffic accidents in Jordan which depends on the least of mean square error (MSE); 2) The study proved that the response variable (time) has a significance effect on the dependent variable(financial costs for the traffic accidents); 3) The study showed that the total financial cost for the traffic accidents is equal to 3025 million JD.;The following are the main findings regarding traffic accidents in Jordan: 4) Traffic accident is costly in Jordan. 5) It is appropriate to utilize the compound function model to forecast the financial costs for the trafficaccidents in Jordan, to draw plans for the future.6) Establishment of the traffic accident awareness will decreese the traffic accident.  7) Governmental regulations can help in solving the traffic accidents problem. 8) Maintaining the infrastructural road and providing people for all facilities will be helpful to solve the trafficaccidents problem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.