Factors Affecting Time Overruns in Public Construction Projects: The Case of Jordan

  •  Ghaleb Sweis    


Most construction projects in developing countries are characterized by overruns in time. This research wasconducted in an attempt to identify major factors for such overruns in the typical developing environment ofJordan. A descriptive study was carried out and two types of data were collected. The overrun variables wereextracted from the literature and from a thorough examination of the perception of 30 engineers, and then rankedaccording to their Severity Index (the product of Importance Index and Frequency Index). The top ten factorscausing time overruns in construction projects were identified and treated using Principal Component and FactorAnalysis (PCFA). After conducting the analysis on both the secondary and primary data, results showedagreement only on one cause, weather conditions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.