A Field Study on the Determination of the Credit Card Users’ Awareness Of the Products/Services Offered with Credit Cards: Turkey Case

  •  Yildiray Kizgin    
  •  Kübra Karaosmanoglu    
  •  Gülay Hiz    
  •  Tahir Benli    


Reaching a much more effective intelligence by means of marketing communication tools these days, the consumer also represents a new form of derivative demand for business enterprises with product differentiation strategy. Following the consumer creating a new possible target market forms a significant advantage for a business enterprise.

This also brings up the new facts about the consumer’s purchasing and suggestions. The most important one of these suggestions is planning of new and innovative products in the face of growing consumer demand, and differentiation of existing products after reviewing.

In order to emphasize the importance of this topic and make these innovative products discussed in an academic debate in this field, it has been aimed, in a questionnaire survey applied to 402 people, to determine the credit card consumers’ use levels and awareness of credit card users in Turkey, and of an innovative product/service applications along with the credit cards.

The data conducted from this questionnaire survey considering Garanti Bankas?, Yap? Kredi Bankas?, Akbank, ?? Bankas? credit card users was processed in One-way Anova and Logistic Regression analysis. According to the results conducted, Akbank card users compare to other bank card users, in terms of product / services awareness, have a higher level of awareness; income, gender, the variables such as duration and amount of card use were found to be statistically significant in terms of logistic regression models.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.