Investigating the High Turnover of Saudi Nationals versus Non-Nationals in Private Sector Companies Using Selected Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Engagement

  •  Mona Moussa    


Saudization became inevitable for domestic political stability; however, private organizations are suffering fromthe high turnover of Saudi nationals and less commitment towards their employers. The researcher set to examinethe reasons for the high turnover through examining employee engagement antecedents of the Saudi’s nationalsversus non-Saudis’. The purpose of this study is to examine selected antecedents and consequences of employeeengagement. The researcher distributed surveys among 104 employees working in the healthcare and informationtechnology industries in Saudi Arabia. The results indicate that job characteristics and rewards are the twoantecedents that have a positive relationship with employee engagement. Study findings reveal that jobcharacteristics induced employee engagement while reward and recognition induced organizational engagement.

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