Analysis on the Current Situation of the Self-Innovation of China’s Manufacturing Industry Based on Structural Equation

  •  Min Zhang    
  •  Chuan Lian Song    


Manufacturing industry is the material foundation of national economy, the foundation of social progress and arich country. It plays decisive role especially for China, which is a large manufacturing power. Self-innovation isone of the strategies of sustainable development of Chinese economy; it is also the correct channel to improvethe competitiveness. Therefore, the self-innovation of manufacturing industry directly affects thecompetitiveness of our country. This article utilizes the basic principle of structural equation to establish the pathdiagram of influencing factor of self-innovation of manufacturing industry. Through path analysis, the authorcalculated the path coefficient of self-innovation of manufacturing industry, measured the situation ofself-innovation of manufacturing industry in the current stage, and made effective analysis on it, providedsolution and suggestion for the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

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