Strategic Approach to Nation Branding: A Case of the Nigeria Brand

  •  Edith Odia    
  •  Felix Isibor    


This study examines the current image of the Nigeria brand by reviewing the existing literature. The review wasdone on the basis of the key determinants of a nation brand image. The findings from the review identified areasof strength to be in telecommunications, abundance of raw materials, large population and hospitality whileweaknesses were observed in the areas of energy, security, corruption, and education. A nation brand strategicmanagement (NBSM) model was developed and applied on the Nigeria brand with a view to building its image.In addition, a framework of brand vectors for measuring a nation’s brand image was formulated to exemplifyeffective perception audit, a critical stage in nation branding process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.