Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: A Quality Perspective

  •  Abdallah Abdallah    


Maintaining a good level of quality in global supply chains is a real challenge when the level of cooperation islow between partners. In pharmaceutical supply chains, ultimate levels of coordination and quality are sought.This industry cannot afford quality issues of almost any level, which creates costly tests and validation processes.In this paper we reveal some well documented issues and recalls that took place due to imperfect aspects of thedrug supply chain. We also reveal a model to evaluate all tests based on benefits, cost and harm caused by thattest. Lastly, we present a framework used by a Jordanian pharmaceutical company in order to use the proposedmodel in a manner aligned with the organization practices. The presented framework guides organizations tofind various solutions to supply chain quality issues and select the most ideal solution based on benefits andcosts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.