Role of Procedural Justice, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction on job Performance: The Mediating Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

  •  Achmad Supriyanto    


The study examines the impact of procedural justice, organizational commitment, job satisfaction on employee
performance, and the potential mediating role played by organization citizenship behaviors in that process. This
model was tested using a sample of 70 employees embedded in 2 groups from 15 branches of a large, syariah bank
in Malang. The sample is taken using proportional random sampling. Data is collected directly from respondents
using questionnaires and technical data analysis using GeSCA.

The study results showed that both procedural justice and organizational commitment positively affected
Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Organizational commitments do positive influence job performance. Job
satisfaction did not positively influence Organizational Citizenship Behavior and job performance. Organizational
Citizenship behavior positively influences job performance. Organizational Citizenship behavior acted as a partial
mediator between procedural justice, organizational commitment, and job performance. A number of suggestions
on managerial theory and implementation were proposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.