An Analysis of Benchmarking of Business Functions in Organizations of Saudi Arabia

  •  Nasser Kadasah    
  •  Turki Al Ahmari    


The study investigates the extent of performance benchmarking of the major business functions undertaken by
the business organizations in Saudi Arabia. The study is based on five major functions namely; marketing,
human resources, finance, operations, and quality. Each of these functions includes four sub functions. The scope
of the study extends to private firms (manufacturing and service) as well as public and government organizations
in Saudi Arabia. The study includes four sizes of organizations. The finding of the study shows that the practice
of benchmarking in Saudi Arabian organizations’ is not in advance level. The sequence of the application of
benchmarking is found to be as follows; marketing, operations, quality, finance and human resources,
respectively. The study further shows that the practice of performance benchmarking in private firms better than
public organizations. However, the study concludes that there is no significant difference between companies
based on their sizes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.