The Association between IT Related Trainings and IT Investments in Malaysia

  •  Marjan Noor    
  •  Kogilavani Apadore    


This study aims to examine whether there are association between IT related trainings and IT investments in theMalaysian technology-based companies. This study uses two types of IT related trainings namely intermediate ITtrainings, and advanced IT trainings which have never been tested with IT investments in previous studies. Thedata were collected via annual reports in 2010 from 104 technology-based companies listed in Bursa Malaysia.Results from univariate test show that IT-based companies are actively involved in IT investments compared toengineering based companies. Result for intermediate IT trainings from linear regression shows, non-significantbut result for advanced IT trainings are significant but with a weak association. Thus, result for second hypothesisis partially supported, but weak association with IT investments. From the same regression, result for thirdhypothesis also can be concluded that advanced IT trainings are significant but weak association with ITinvestments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.