An Empirical Study on the Benefit Analysis of Enterprises across the Strait Using ERP Systems

  •  Ting-Sheng Weng    
  •  Chin-Ju Liu    


As the world economy evolves with the process of globalization and internationalization, it has been a hugechallenge for the enterprises of Taiwan confronting the mobility and toughness throughout the global market. Inorder to respond to the flourishing development of enterprises across the strait and the expansion on new sector,“inquiry processed in Taiwan, manufactured in Mainland China, and marketed toward the entire world.” is avery critical strategy for Taiwan’s enterprises to respond to the rise of China and globalization. The productionand marketing strategy must be conducted and reacted closely to the market; furthermore, the manager ofenterprises must be well informed of the movement of the industry worldwide, and be capable of integrate allthe resources available. In addition to the HR, finance, material, technology, information, and production withinan enterprise, enterprises should be vertically synergize the upstream and downstream supplier to present acomplete supply-chain model and operation procedure, so to possess sufficient information during the process ofdecision making.

For the enterprises across the strait, establishing a factory in China does enjoy the low cost advantage, yet theproblems of enterprise operation management cannot be ignored relatively. Previous studies rarely focused onthe beneficial analysis of enterprises across the strait by installing ERP systems. This dissertation is dedicated toelaborate the motivation of the enterprises across the strait use ERP system by sorting and demonstratingrelative studies of the previous studies, and shared the successful case of how ERP system installed havecontribute to individual companies. It can serve as a solid reference for companies across the strait who isplanning to install ERP systems and furthermore benefits in their planning to establish a effect-improvementstrategies while doing so.

In this study sets to analyze the benefits by conducting questionnaire survey, and thorough interviews withemployee of case study to gather and sort the benefit of management of case study from both sides of the strait,and take other enterprises as reference on problem solving. According to the result, it is evident that necessityand effectiveness for enterprises to implant ERP. The benefit of implanting ERP like strengthening the internalcontrol and reduces operational risk, as a consequence it does increase of enterprise’s value, the enhancement ofdecision quality to accelerate the reaction ability, and elevates the competitiveness assumed by digitizedinformation. All the above benefits have its remarkable effect. It can make the enterprise of across the strait gaininstant control of the condition and information, and respond the dynamic market immediately to deal with thecompetition of globalization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.