Studies on Major Factors of Innovation Systems for Telecommunication Company in Indonesia

  •  M Dachyar    
  •  Eriyatno -    
  •  Meika Rusli    
  •  Teuku M. Zagloel    


Telecommunications in Indonesia has grown extraordinarily, especially from beginning of the year 2010. This
condition has made telecommunications becoming the promised business and ready facing the tight market. The
competition is high due to the large mobile phone operators, which made the quality of services becoming less
noticeable, severely operators are focusing on offering cost. Every year revenue per users are found to be decline,
resulting innovation and improve quality of services which can increase income and sustain customers loyalty.
This research used Soft Systems Methodology approach (SSM) and has implemented philosophy of Critical
Systems Thinking (CST), Strategic Assumption Surfacing and Testing (SAST) and used tools of Analytical
Hierarchy Process (AHP) to rank the most influential innovation factors in telecommunications company strategy,
through a series of in-depth interviews with experts. The analysis of the results providing incentives to innovators
which is the most important in telecommunication company's strategy in producing the best quality of services and
win the competition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.