The Inference of the Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Drug Advertising upon the level of Physicians’ Acceptance of Drugs in Jordan

  •  Hani H. Al-Dmour    
  •  Zubi Al-Zubi    
  •  Ashraf Fahmawi    


This research aims to identify the characteristics of pharmaceutical drug advertisements and to investigate its
influence upon the level of physicians’ acceptance. The population of the research consists of all physicians
working in the private sector in Amman. The researchers used a questionnaire to collect the primary data for the
sample of the research in order to achieve the researcher's objectives. The results of the research showed that the
level of physicians’ acceptance is affected by different characteristics of pharmaceutical advertisement, such as
advertisement through broadcast, network media, and advertisement language and advertisement duration.
The results also showed that advertisement duration is the most influential characteristic of advertisement on the
level of physicians’ acceptance, while the effect of broadcast media is stronger than network media on the level
of physicians’ acceptance, the advertisement through print media, advertisement appeal, advertisement
simplicity, advertisement credibility and advertisement frequency have no influence on the level of physicians’

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.