Employee Dissatisfaction and Turnover Crises in the Malaysian Hospitality Industry

  •  Ahmad Suleiman AlBattat    
  •  Ahmad Mat Som    


Turnover crises have had great impacts on the hospitality industry. Many studies have been done on employee
turnover, but further investigation is needed as labor intensive employees are part of the hospitality product.
This study reviews the literature relevant to turn over crises and provides a theoretical review of the Mobley
model (1977). The purpose of this study is to give an overview of the causes of job dissatisfaction which force
an employee to quit from their current job and consider other job opportunities. This is to clarify the steps of the
Mobley model from the feeling of job dissatisfaction to an actual turnover crisis. This study highlights the
turnover crises not only on an international level but also the national crises in Malaysia which may not be far
away. Furthermore, the findings from the literature review indicates that an international perspective on a
turnover crisis begins when an employee faces the case of dissatisfaction from a poor working environment and
considers leaving his current job. The Mobley model could be used to predict the case of dissatisfaction and
better understand how to retain the employee. Further studies could be useful to shed light on turnover crises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.