A Proposed Cross-Cultural Examination of Online Advertising Effectiveness in China and the UK

  •  Bei Ju    


This paper raises a proposed cross-cultural examination of online advertising effectiveness in China and the UK
setting against the background of globalization and the widespread usage of online business communication.
Different from previous studies, such specific indexes of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as
individualism/collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, masculinity/femininity and long-term
orientation which behind the hidden relationships between culture and online advertising effectiveness are
suggested to be explored and revealed in the present study based on three measurements including attitudes
towards banner ads, ability to recall banner ads and frequency of clicking banner ads. Moreover, the discourse
analysis is also advised to be conducted at the same time to evaluate the role of culture in banner advertisement.
In this way, the marketers will be enlightened by this study when formulating their online advertising strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.