Impact of Information Technology on Profitability of Airlines Industry: A Case Study of Royal Jordanian Airlines

  •  Omar Jawabreh    
  •  Mahmoud Allahham    
  •  Ashraf Alrjoub    
  •  Muhannad Ahmad    


This paper explores Impact of information technology on profitability of airlines industry “a case study of Royal
Jordanian Airlines, The data collected from the financial statement of Royal Jordanian Airlines is analyzed by
using financial and statistical tools. The tools and techniques issued in this study are discussed here. It is very
difficult to cover several of aspects of financial management of Royal Jordanian Airlines; hence, focus has been
given to study the profitability, capital structure & working capital management.
The financial measures of performance are well adequate to monitor returns on IT. This is important as IT
specialists always require special measures for IT performance, the current results show that IT do affect the
aggregate financial performance measures. Which make them suitable for IT investments assessments?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.