D-CAPM and RD-CAPM in Return Anticipation at Tehran Stock Exchange

  •  Hamidreza Kordlouie    
  •  Narges Bakhtiari Haftlang    
  •  Amir Dehghani    


From longtime ago, capital market has been engaged in decision-making about providing an optimum
high-quality portfolio. Investors were always seeking a logical data base for correct dicision-making about shares.
In recent years, Capital Assets Pricing Models (CAPM) have been broadly used to estimate securities return
logically. In this research, anticipation power of Downside CAPM (D-CAPM) and Revised Downside CAPM
(RD-CAPM) models to estimate destination year return (DYR) was examined. D-CAPM is a developed type of
CAPM that anticipates DYR according to past data and systematic risks of company. In contrast, RD-CAPM
additionally applies non-systematic risk in frame of financial and operational levers in its mathematical structure
to anticipate DYR more precisely. Finally, we compare these two models in Tehran Stock Exchange for a period
of eight years (2001-2009) to anticipate return of companies in destination year.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.