The Mediation Effect of Information Presentation Style on the Relationship between Banner Advertisements and Advertising Effectiveness

  •  Hsin Chi    
  •  Huery Yeh    
  •  Cherng-Ying Chiou    


Due to the rapid development of information technology in recent years, internet has become a main avenue for
people to receive daily information. It is also an important tool for advertisers to publish their advertisements in
the internet surroundings. However, the information presentation style on the internet will probably influence the
viewer’s intention to click banner advertisements and further influence the advertisement effectiveness. The
study takes the banner advertisement as the independent variable, the advertising effectiveness as the dependent
variable, and the information presentation style as the mediation variable to separately explore the influence of
the banner advertisement on the advertising effectiveness under two different styles (obtrusive and contextual)
on a website. The study uses the internet browsers (university computer lab students, 3C hypermarket customers,
and office staffs) who get accustomed to surfing a website as survey objects. 550 questionnaires were sent out
and 422 copies were valid. The findings of the research result are as follows: (1) both the banner advertisement
and obtrusive information presentation style have a positive influence on the advertising effectiveness; (2) the
contextual information presentation style does not have a mediation effect on the banner advertisement and
advertising effectiveness but the obtrusive information presentation style does.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.