Environmental Rights for Administering Clean and Healthy Environment towards Sustainable Development in Malaysia: A Case Study

  •  Noor Mohammad    


Malaysia is one of the environmentally rich and developing countries in the globe which is in fact, very attractiveand charming to all. But her bounty has been degrading gradually due to environmental pollution and therefore,the people’s rights are not maintained & ensured properly as guaranteed by their constitution which is also partof the environmental rights in the light of the international environmental laws. Meanwhile, the Government ofMalaysia passed some important environmental laws including ‘the Environmental Quality Act 1974; theEnvironmental Quality Regulations 1989 and the Environmental Quality Order 1989 etc; along with theinternational environmental laws in order to keep the clean and healthy environment but not yet been properlydone in compliance with the above laws. Consequently, sustainability may not be made possible. It may alsoaffect the biodiversities in flora and fauna. Moreover, it is observed that the existing legal mechanisms are notfriendly with the environment and development due to absence of environmental governance including theinsufficient environmental provisions, inadequate penal provisions, lack of political commitment, lack ofresources, unawareness, short term planning etc.

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