The Theory and Practice of Confucian Value of Integrity: The Brunei Case Study

  •  Patrick Low    
  •  Sik Ang    


Kothari (2010) speaks of executive greed, and here, the practitioners/academicians examine those
leaders/managers who embrace and practice the value of integrity from the Confucian perspective in South East
Asia, more so, in the Brunei context. With inputs and feedback from various respondents and with the use of
Chinese sayings and proverbs, the authors present and interpret the Confucian value of integrity. From Confucius
comes the emphasis on leadership with integrity which is identified with positive, harmonious relationships as
well as the values of benevolence and reciprocity that bring many benefits to business prosperity. The practice of
Confucian teachings can bring much peace, learning, and growth for business sustainability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.