Service Quality Management in Hotel Industry: A Conceptual Framework for Food and Beverage Departments

  •  Ala`a Abukhalifeh    
  •  Ahmad Mat Som    


Service quality has been an important subject of research involving food and beverage (F&B) departments of
hotels. Despite a substantial number of studies on service quality, the reasons why guests revisit a hotel and why
a high-quality service from the F&B department is needed have remained unanswered. This paper aims to review
existing literature on service quality management in the F&B departments of hotels, its process, and the effective
service quality management framework. This paper discusses famous models, and explains Parasuraman’s
dimensional framework of service quality management in the area of F&B and its application to the hotel
industry. The conceptual paper suggests application of the dimensional model in the F&B department and
encourages hotels to improve its management to better satisfy their guests.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.