Accounting Information Systems and Their Role in the Measurement and Cost Thrifting in Public Shareholding Industrial Companies in Jordan

  •  Abed Al- Dalabeeh    
  •  Hussein Al- Zeaud    


This study seeks to identify the characteristics and the availability of properties, technical and organizational
requirements for the accounting information systems necessary to meet the requirements of modern management
of pharmaceutical companies in Jordan. The study showed that these systems are distinguished by the
characteristics needed to obtain financial and non-financial required by the Administration, and it has the ability
to deal with developments that may arise on the quality of decisions that could be taken, therefore the type of
information to be provided, and the development of its systems whether it was in the process of data entry or
processed or its outputs, as well as it can be available in the companies with the appropriate organizational
structure for their operations and that there are policies and procedures in line with the nature of the accounting
information system applied in them. The study recommended the need for conviction of directors of companies
need to develop a budget for the re-design of their (IT) systems and work to develop most systems in the
companies to be able to re-design, whenever there is a need, in addition to increase investment in automated
systems because of their role in obtaining the necessary information fast and accurate.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.