Analysis of HeXie Controllability and HeXie Observability of the Project Team

  •  Jiayin Wang    
  •  Xiaowen Xu    


Based on the frame of HeXie Management Theory, in this article, HeXie-state model of the project team system is studied, two attributes, HeXie controllability and HeXie observability in the HeXie state model, are put forward, and those attributes are analyzed and defined. Judgement rules of those two attributes are described. The HeXie controllability is used to measure the influencing function of the project management activity to the HeXie-state, and the HeXie observability is to measure the initial HeXie-state. To analyze the HeXie controllability and the HeXie observability can estimate the project management risk, compute the influence of management activity to the project team and the project performance, and help to optimize the organization and structure of the project team.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.