An AATP Model Based on CTP for Two-stage Production System

  •  Lixi Yang    
  •  Yan Fu    


To realize that enterprise can quickly respond customer orders and ensure the reliability and optimization of the promise, in this article, we put forward a model of AATP (Allocated Available to Promise) based on CTP  (Capacity to Promise). Aiming at some disadvantages in the quick response of order and comprehensive optimization, this model allocate future capacity to forecasted demands through considering market forecasted demands and comprehensively thinking over some restrictions such as enterprise object, material supply and capacity. The model establishes AATP for customer sales representative and offers the material requirement plan and the capacity requirement plan to ensure order promise. This model can support quick, reliable and optimized order promise decisions and realize synchronized procurement, production and sale for the enterprise.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.