Access to Market of a Manufacturing Small Business Sector in Ghana

  •  Mavis Mensah    


This paper concludes presentation on two most relevant binding constraints identified by a manufacturing ‘small’
business sector in Ghana. The first constraint of limited access to technology was discussed in an earlier paper in
this Journal. The second constraint of limited access to market was studied to determine the extent to which
manufacturing ‘small’ businesses had access to market and to identify one or two overriding factors that
constrained ability of the businesses to access market. This was achieved through a survey of 85 manufacturing
small businesses in Berekum District and Sunyani Municipality of Ghana. Low demand for goods came up as
the overriding factor that constrained the enterprises’ ability to access market. To tackle the problem of low
demand, it is indispensable for government to spearhead creation of required co-ordination externalities and
champion the course of self-discovery as a nation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.