The Implementation of Learning Organization Elements and Their Impact towards Organizational Performance amongst NPOs in Singapore

  •  Hishamuddin Md. Som    
  •  Roland Yeow Nam    
  •  Sazali Abdul Wahab    
  •  Rashid Nordin    
  •  Azizul Hakim Mashkuri    


The purpose of this paper is to investigate how Learning Organization Elements (LOE) was implemented
amongst non-profit organizations (NPO’s) in Singapore. Through a self-administered survey and in-depth
interviews, organizational performances of 60 non-profit organizations NPOs were evaluated, whilst the extent
to which the LOE were carried out within these NPOs were also discussed. Findings suggest that elements such
as clarity of mission and vision, experimentation and intrinsic motivation, leadership commitment and
empowerment, and organizational learning practices were deemed to be essential for NPOs to be transformed
into a learning organization. Other elements such as individual learning and team-problem solving as well as
organizational learning practices were also mentioned by respondents as important elements toward NPOs’
performance. Implications of the study including the applications of those LOE together with a strategic
dimension in order for NPOs to become learning organizations, as well as to achieve superior organizational
performance were also highlighted.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.