Attendees Preference Modelling for an International Art Festival Based on Show Attendances

  •  Stephen Boyle    
  •  Carmen Joham    
  •  ABM Abdullah    


Falassi (1997) regards festivals as a time of celebration. Can festivalsbe considered catalysts for experiencing
local art and culture or do they serve to promote an internationalised version of culture? This paper explores the
role of arts festivals on local cultural consumption through festival attendees’ preferences to particular styles of
cultural performances. Using data from the 2009 Hong Kong Arts Festival the paper seeks to identify the factors
underlining attendee preferences. Findings show that there is a demand for a balance of local and international
cultural experiences. This result highlights the dual role of major festivals of both bringing the best of
international art to local residents while also showcasing the traditional and contemporary culture of the region.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.