Comparative Analysis of Commercial Banks Liquidity Position: The Case of Tanzania

  •  Xuezhi Qin    
  •  Dickson Pastory    


This paper gives an overview picture of commercial banks liquidity position in Tanzania for the period of ten
years (2000 to 2009). The study employed the liquidity measures of commercial banks, and on that basis the
performance in terms of liquidity position was established. The paper used the casual research design as the
methodology of the study since the casual design is best suited to determine cause and effects of the
phenomenon. This paper utilizes secondary data from National Bank of Commerce (NBC), CRDB and National
Microfinance Bank (NMB). The criteria used is total deposit to core funding, liquid asset to demand liabilities
and Gross loans to total deposit Tanzania for the period of ten years, and finally the hypothesis was tested to
know whether there is a significant difference in terms of liquidity position by using ANOVA test. The findings
revealed that the commercial banks under study have strongest liquidity level although it varied over years and
National Microfinance Bank maintained strongest liquid level compared to the other two banks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.