New Conceptual Model on Cluster Competitiveness: A New Paradigm for Tourism?

  •  Imali N. Fernando    
  •  Wei Long    


Tourism, one of fastest growing industry and the main source of foreign income for appreciable number of
developing countries, bonds people to inspire nature, culture and heritage and experiences. Decade of 90’s,
Crouch and Ritchie developed a conceptual model combining attributes of Porter’s Diamond model, Dwyer and
Kim (2003) introduced an integrated model combining Diamond and Crouch and Ritchie models integrating
endowed, created and supporting resources, destination management, government and industry specific attributes.
Hence a new conceptual model has introduced by integrating main elements in national and firm competitiveness,
Destination Competitiveness and Innovation focus within a cluster. Proposed conceptual model will shed more
light for further studies on cluster competitiveness in macro-economic perspectives empirically.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.