Importance of Training Needs Assessment in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh: A Case Study on National Bank Limited (NBL)

  •  Tahmina Ferdous    
  •  B.M. Razzak    


The study was an attempt to investigate and analysis of training needs assessment and its importance in the
banking sector of Bangladesh. The research searches for to evaluate existing literature reviews of training needs
assessment and recommends several suggestions for the importance of it’s so that to meet the employees’ and
organisational needs in the banking sector of Bangladesh. The findings addressed that the training needs
assessment is prerequisite for an effective training that helps for organisational growth and development. The
data of this study was collected via email and over telephone interview of 50 respondents of NBL which
analysed and presented in terms of charts and graphs. Consequently the recommendations support for the
noteworthy of needs assessment of training which will bring a constructive worth in this sector of Bangladesh
and in overseas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.