Dependability of Financial Investors on Amman Stock Exchange Index

  •  Juma'h M. Abbad    


This study tried to know the dependency of investors on Amman Stock Exchange Index when making their
investment decision in the stock exchange, especially when increasing investment opportunities at a rapid rate
where the need is urgent for an accurate indicator that can be relied upon to measure the performance of the
stock exchange and its effectiveness, the stocks represented for this indicator a lion's share of stock exchange on
different sectors, represented by the stock exchange and therefore of the economy. As well as the study
attempted to determine the impact of the Arab bank's stocks on the value of the Stock Exchange Index, to reach
this goal, a questionnaire was distributed to a group of investors, using the statistical analysis by the adoption of
the Wilcoxon test the questionnaire was analyzed. The results showed that ordinary investors do not rely on the
index in the short term, while companies and investment portfolios based upon it in their investment decision, as
well as there is a direct impact of the Arab bank's stocks on the value of the index. A set of recommendations
was put forward by the researcher hoping to help bring the attention of officials and investors to increase the
effectiveness of the index.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.