An Empirical Research on Supplier Relationship Management in Automotive Industry

  •  Narges Imanipour    
  •  Mehdi Rahimi    
  •  Nasrin Akhondi    


Supplier relationship management is an important research field in Supply Chain Management. This paper aims to
study the existing portfolio models for supplier relationship management then apply Svensson(2000)’s model to
classify buyer-supplier relationship in an Iranian automotive industry supply chain. Finally present a framework
for supplier relationship management. Data for this study was collected through two surveys. The current study
analyzes supplier relationship management in two phases: firstly, based on Svensson’s model the relationship
between the buyer and its suppliers was classified. Secondly, based on the strategic roadmap of the automotive
manufacturer, the strategic goals were defined, and trough a web survey the experts' opinions about the relation
between strategic goals and current relationship among manufacturer and its suppliers were gathered. Finally,
based on obtained result in two previous phases, a framework for supplier relationship segmentation and
promotion was supposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.