The Reason Why Our Country’S Export of Textile Was Limited

  •  Jin Zhang    
  •  Ruiqi Qin    


Our country is the biggest textile export country of the world. Now for the textile industry of our country, it is a period of facing the expansive world market, and getting a new opportunity to improve. But with the opportunity, we also face much more challenges. Seen from outside, EU and US set limits, which make textile companies into an austere condition? Setting limits, anti-dumping, and its chain-reaction, make textile export of our country face an austere and complicated international trade condition. Seen from inside, some relative policies which our country made to vindicate new trade orders, and some problems which the textile industry had, are also have influence on our country’s export of textile to some extent. The purpose of research of this essay is to find relevant countermeasures by investigating the reason of export restriction, then make sure that our country’s textile export can be carried though successfully.

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