Analysis of the Influence of Gender on the Choice of Bank in Southeast Nigeria

  •  Steve Ukenna    
  •  Ogechukwu G. Monanu    


This study sought to empirically identify and rank the important factors considered by southeast male and female
bank customers in bank selection in Nigeria. A sample size of 368 bank customers was drawn from Enugu and
Onitsha, major commercial cities in southeast Nigeria. Major findings of this study are the six principal factors: a
feeling of security, speedy and efficient service, financial benefit, convenient location, availability of ATM,
marketing promotion and people influence. Statistical differences between the two genders were found for four
factors. This study recommends that banks operating in the southeast should treat male and female genders as
distinct market segments when crafting marketing strategies aimed at attracting them and emphasis should be on
those factors that the potential bank customer considers most important. This study concludes that time is ripe
for banks in southeast Nigeria to start treating male and female genders as distinct market segments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.