Research on Building “3S” Management System for Dangerous Goods Logistics

  •  Chundong Zheng    
  •  Shuaishuai Zhang    


In order to meet the rapid development need of dangerous goods logistics, to quickly improve the level of
dangerous goods logistics management, this paper analyses the logistics characteristics of dangerous goods
compared with the common goods, puts forward a new mode named “3s” management of dangerous goods
logistics, that is security management, sensitivity management and specialization management, and uses it as a
standard to decompose the management contents, forms a four-level indexes system of building dangerous goods
logistics management system. After that, applies the grid method and fuzzy Borda number analytic method to
identify the key factors of building dangerous goods logistics “3s” management system, and according to these
puts forward relevant suggestions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.