The Relationship between Knowledge Organizational Dimensions and Informational Technology Tools in Knowledge Operation Management (Suggested Model)

  •  Ali Hadi Jebrin    


Highlight the importance of the present study in developing a methodology for consideration in view of the
expected contribution to clarifying the theoretical profile "for the operation management" in addition to its
contribution to the transfer of the monuments of supporting regulatory dimensions and the technological
information tools to the experimental field. Here is a modest contribution where there is a dire need for further
Therefore, the research goals can be specified as attempt to explore scientific assets for theoretical concerns of the
subject knowledge, tools, and strategies. (The contents of this effort aimed at establishing a new understanding of
the meaning of knowledge management contents of organizational knowledge dimensions and its operational
The study is interested in investigating the relationship between technological information tools and organizational
dimensions and knowledge operations management standards. This helps to face fundamental issues in knowledge
and its management.

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