An Examination of the Effect of Employee Involvement on Teamwork Effectiveness: An Empirical Study

  •  Mahfuz Judeh    


The aim of this study was to determine the level of employee involvement and extent of teamwork effectiveness
among employees working in the Jordanian glass and ceramic industries listed in Amman Stock Exchange in
Jordan. The study aimed also at examining the significant effect of employee empowerment on teamwork
effectiveness. Furthermore, the study investigated the significant differences that may exist in employee
involvement due to differences in age, marital status, and educational level.
Data were collected from 176 participants and then analyzed using descriptive statistics, one sample t-test and
independent sample t-test, linear regression, and ANOVA. Findings indicated that both employee involvement and
teamwork effectiveness were at a high to moderately high level score. Furthermore, the findings of the study
revealed a significant effect of employee involvement on teamwork effectiveness. At the same time results
indicated that there were no significant differences towards employee involvement due to gender or marital status,
while participants significantly differed in terms of educational level.
The results of this study had many implications for human resources and other practitioners and managers who
must enhance the teamwork atmosphere in their organizations. As for the originality/value, employee involvement
and teamwork effectiveness had previously lacked attention, especially in the Middle East countries, and this paper
contributed to the body of knowledge by empirically studying the correlation between employee involvement and
teamwork effectiveness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.