Examine the Commercialization Research Outcomes in Iran A Structural Equation Model

  •  Mehdi Behboudi    
  •  Nazanin Jalili    
  •  Morteza Mousakhani    


The study presents a structural equation model of commercialization. In this study, reviewing the previous
studies conducted on commercialization of research outcomes and a content analysis 33 factors affecting
commercialization were extracted and categorized in 6 main groups, namely, research-oriented factors,
industry-oriented factors, the government, technology parks and growth centers, environment, and
commercialization. Then, based on the identified indicators, the conceptual model of commercializing research
outcomes was designed and a questionnaire was developed for confirming its factors in Iran, which were
confirmed by the experts. Data collected were analyzed by LISREL and the software proposed an appropriate
analytical model. The major hypothesis of this study referring to the idea that the 6 constructs mentioned
constitute the concept of commercializing research outcomes was significantly confirmed. It was found out that
the government is the most influential factor in commercializing research outcomes. Besides, in order to
implement the confirmed model a specific methodology was proposed and surveyed. Finally, the Islamic
Advertisement Organization was selected as the study field and the results of which are reported.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.