Jordan Software Industry: Investigating the Role of Human Capital

  •  Ashraf Bany Mohammed    


Software industry is realized as one key opportunity for socio-economic development, especially for developing
countries. Human Capital heavily plays a critical role in such knowledge-based sectors as software. This paper
describes and analyzes the role of human capital in the development of Jordan software industry between 1980’s
and 2005. In doing so, different roles in software industry are identified, described and analyzed. The study
suggests that the existence of some levels of professional, technical and ICT graduates, will not guarantee the
development of the sector. Quality, proper utilization, collaboration and policy coherency of Human Capital is
needed for software sector development. Moreover, we argue that challenges such as Diaspora can have a
positive impact through technology transfer and entrepreneurship as the Indian case suggests.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.