Industrial-Organization-Transformation-Oriented Agricultural Modernization with Chinese Characteristics: From the Perspective of Industrial and Agricultural Interaction

  •  Kaijiang Tang    


Agricultural modernization as an outcome of economic development cannot be achieved within the agricultural
sector only. The agricultural transformation process in western countries has revealed that agricultural
modernization is a process in which agricultural organizations spontaneously achieve the transformation in
agricultural industrial organization and agricultural technology with the core ideology of industrialization. The
existing binary system has made Chinese agriculture fail to achieve the transformation in industrial organization
and technology synchronically with the industrial sector. Therefore, in the current conditions, in order to
facilitate agricultural modernization, we must transform the land system at the level of relations of production,
urban and rural household registration system, urban and rural social security system and other key factors,
promote the transformation of agricultural industrial organization with the core concept of industrial revolution,
thus promoting the spontaneous revolution in agricultural production technology.

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