Designing Motivation System to Produce Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Petrochemical Company

  •  Aryan Gholipour    
  •  Ali Pirannejad    
  •  Samira Fakheri Kozekanan    
  •  Fattaneh Gholipour    


Motivation is the essence of creativity and innovation and it is like fuel for them and makes them continue.
Therefore this paper is identifying the motivating factors in Petrochemical Company. To produce innovation and
expand technology, based on Sathe model, four series of mechanisms are considered: internal, non-financial,
direct financial and indirect financial mechanisms. In addition, based on this model industrial and institutional
stimuli are regarded the cause of innovation. The research sample includes managers and experts of the company
and the data has been collected through interview and questionnaire. The results of the research reveal that the
strongest motivations for innovation are the internal ones.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.