Types of Competitive Advantage and Analysis

  •  Wang, Wen-Cheng    
  •  Lin, Chien-Hung    
  •  Chu, Ying-Chien    


The internal sources of competitive advantage cover a wide range of areas. The important competitive
advantages behind an organization are not merely determined by its external factors. The internal sources of
competitive advantage of a firm have been considered as crucial factors to success. The research looks at the
extensive literature in relation to competitive advantage. The formation of main theories in literature review was
illustrated by the concepts of competitive advantages through proper management action when managing the
structure, process, culture and people of an organization. Therefore, the aim of competitive advantage
recognition is connect with resources, capabilities and core competencies of the organization. By means of
exploring and understanding the theories in literature review, to underpin the research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.