Determinants of Purchasing Imported Products in a Regular Basis: Development of a Regression Model

  •  Jashim Uddin    
  •  Shehely Parvin    
  •  Md. Lutfur Rahman    


Bangladesh, an emerging economy, has substantial dependence on and predilection for foreign products. We made an effort to delve into the factors influencing consumer purchase decision of imported products, considering some regular use consumer shopping products. We have employed multiple regression analysis as the statistical tool. Regression model of our study demonstrated statistical significance and appeared competent to explain 76% of the total variance in the dependent variable. The determinants posed positive influence are brand preference, COO bias, trust in retail store, uninterrupted availability, fewer local alternatives, prestige symbol in reference group; while price and utility imbalance played negative influence.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.