Corporate Profitability Impact on Unemployment Rate: Jordan as Case Study

  •  Hmood H. Banikhalid    


This study aimed to find out the corporate profitability impact on unemployment. It is a case study of the Jordanian economy. The return on assets in Jordanian public shareholding companies was considered an indicator of corporate profitability. While the unemployment rate was considered as an indicator of unemployment. The result showed that all the Jordanian economic sectors recorded growth profitability throughout the years of study. Except the services sector in 2020. As for unemployment, throughout the years of study, the unemployment rate didn’t decrease below 11%, which is a very high rate. The study also found that corporate profitability has a statistically significant negative impact on the unemployment rate in Jordan. It means this increase in corporate profitability by 1% leads to a decrease in the unemployment rate by 1.1%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.