Internationalization Process of an Angolan Beverage Company in Portugal

  •  Deolinda Quintas    
  •  Márcio S. Kuniyoshi    
  •  Crisomar L. Souza    
  •  Adriana B. G. Freitas    


The internationalization process of companies from African countries, whose participation in international trade has been highlighted in academic research and international business, is a recent phenomenon. This research aimed to investigate the internationalization process of Angolan beverage companies. This study seeks to identify the facilitating and hindering factors during the internationalization process and the main results. This exploratory research uses the qualitative approach based on the case study method. The main findings of this research showed that Refriango’s internationalization process in the Portuguese market took place through a strategic alliance, considering that its process was slow and gradual. Another factor facilitating the internationalization process was the Angolans’ cultural and linguistic proximity in Portugal. Main factors that hinder the internationalization process, high costs of production and exports from Angola, lack of infrastructure, and difficulty in achieving strategic objectives only with sales in the domestic market are considered. Building alliances for African companies and those few experienced in this process is essential to success because it allows them to avoid mishaps and reduce possible risks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.