Adopting Critical Success Factors (CSF) Methods to Achieve High Management Performance on Dairy Farms

  •  Roberta de Sousa P. Castelo Branco    
  •  Carlos Alberto Gonçalves    
  •  João Luiz Soares    
  •  Clandia Maffini Gomes    


It is known that the agribusiness sector in Brazil is made up of several companies operating in different business models in their environment. They operate in production side as no cyclical and the market side as cyclical, such as milk and dairy products. It is, however, characterized by dynamic and complex processes and competitive events, applied technologies, specialized labor problems, with risks and uncertainties inherent to the environment. Dairy farming is a relevant segment of this sector, both in terms of representativeness and wealth generation. Therefore, dairy farms need to be aware of innovations, and be effective in the pursuit of productive performance and profitability. The present study aims to evaluate the Critical Success Factors (CSF) involved in the search for high productive performance and profitability in dairy farms assisted by technical and managerial consulting of an agribusiness alpha company. The research has a qualitative approach and a descriptive conclusive character. Multiple case studies were carried out, and the units of analysis are 6 farms, their respective leaders (owners and managers), and consultants specialized in dairy farming from the company Alfa de Consultoria. The results demonstrate that the CSFs that promote high performance in dairy farms are: financial management; leadership and people management; process management; employee training and development; adequate sizing of the project; search for continuous improvement; management of indices and technical indicators; ensure animal comfort; technical assistance and consultancy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.