The Impact of Union Transformational Leadership on Union Citizenship Behavior in the Vietnamese Union Context: A Moderated Mediation Model of Union Commitment and Union Practice

  •  Min Li    
  •  Yen Nguyen    
  •  Habiba Rahman    
  •  Xiaoli Hu    
  •  Anh Vu    


After implementing the Renovation policy in 1986, the transition to a market-oriented economy brought significant changes to the institutional environment in which trade unions operate. The decline in union membership prompted both union leaders and political authorities to recognize the potential difficulties in maintaining stability and the necessary cohesion for sustainable economic development. The absence of an effective trade union system became apparent, leading to the realization that understanding the role of trade unions in the context of economic transition is indeed essential. The present study aims to explore the relationship between union transformational leadership, union citizenship behavior, union practices and union commitment in a union context Vietnam. At the same time, build a model of the influence of union transformational leadership on union citizenship behavior, which commits unions to play an intermediary role and Vietnamese union practices plays a moderating role.  Data were collected on a sample of 595 union members from 15 foreign enterprises as a research sample. Research results show that transformational leadership style has a strong positive influence on behavior union citizenship through promoting union commitment and trade union practices. The research has important academic contributions and administrative implications for Vietnamese trade union leaders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.