Operationalizing Dynamic Capabilities and Market Orientation: Empirical Insights for Startups in Dynamic Environments

  •  Ana Maria Simões Ribeiro    
  •  Rogério Tadeu de Oliveira Lacerda    
  •  Michel Becker    


In today's markets, companies operate in dynamic environments characterized by rapid changes, complexity, and uncertainty. For these companies, especially startups that are based on fast-growing, high technology, and innovative approaches to create new markets or offer superior solutions in existing markets, marketing management presents one of the most significant challenges for entrepreneurs. This study aims to address this challenge by developing a practical framework based on the theory of dynamic capabilities (DCs) and market orientation (MO). The objective is to build long-term competitive advantages for startups operating in dynamic environments. A theoretical model was built using a systematic literature review, and this was later refined through longitudinal case studies of brazilian startups. The result is a robust framework that supports both literature and entrepreneurs. It assists in the identification and exploitation of market opportunities by leveraging DCs and MO. Furthermore, it supports decision-making processes aimed at achieving sustainable competitive advantages. The framework also encourages entrepreneurs to reflect on their practices related to the dimensions of these constructs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.