A Consumer Perspective on Brand Authenticity: Insight into Drivers and Barriers

  •  Lama Halwani    
  •  Abeer Cherry    



Although much has been written about the relevance of authenticity in personal identity development, only a limited number of studies have investigated the significance of authenticity when associated with brands. The present qualitative research study addresses this oversight by examining the influence of brand authenticity on consumer perceptions.


A multi-method qualitative method incorporating semi-structured interviews and focus groups was employed to provide insight into consumer perceptions of brand authenticity.


Thematic analysis was used to identify four main themes that influence perceptions of brand authenticity: (1) credibility, (2) transparency, (3) uniqueness, and (4) relatability. Several barriers, including (1) inconsistency, (2) unreliability, and (3) pretentiousness, served to explain consumers’ reservations.


This article presents an alternative view of authenticity that accounts for the variety of perceptions that customers may perceive as drivers or barriers to brand authenticity. Thereby, this study contributes to an improved understanding of brand authenticity, based on a consumer-centred approach, and reflects on how consumer perspectives can enhance corporate branding.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.