Practical Logic and Development Path of Urban Hawker Governance from the Perspective of Responsible Politics

  •  Xin-Yu Liu    
  •  Song-Zhi Yu    


The governance issue of urban hawkers, as one of the manifestations of the informal economy, has a long history. However, responsibility, as the core value of governance, becomes a hidden factor in the process of hawker governance. This article starts with the concepts of responsible politics and hawker governance and explores the bidirectional logical relationships between hawkers, hawkers and the government, store operators, social organizations and residents in the process of governance practice in China. It proposes starting from the perspective of hawkers themselves, clarifying the responsibilities of each entity, improving legislation and institutional construction, strengthening the ideological and moral development of all entities, rational spatial planning, and management, and adopting a consultative approach to collaboratively addressing the development path of hawker governance challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.